This Is How To Use A Chainsaw Safely

All tools have the potential to harm. A hammer can hurt the thumb and a slipped wrench can cause the fingernails to peel off, but a chainsaw brings potential injury to a new and more dangerous level. In this article, we will talk about another tool.

We are talking about razor-sharp teeth that move at very incredible speeds. Often just a few inches of good soft meat from a saw. The saw spewed out small pieces of wood at high speed. Branches can be under tremendous pressure and can appear when shot like a shotgun.

Trees that are cut down inappropriately can cause harm to yourself. There are skills that you must have when you operate a saw so that you can become proficient and keep your security as good as possible. Experienced operators of course also come from people who can’t, so that through learning that makes him become a professional worker in controlling the sawing machine.

When using a chainsaw, each situation is different, and understanding each unique situation is built into your skill level, such as taking a practical saw operator course. The following is how to use a saw well and safely, namely:

Personal protective equipment.

Start with basic things like personal protective equipment or your PPE. Whenever you operate a saw, you must use eye protection, ear protectors, good boots, trousers, long-sleeved shirts, gloves, and chains. Especially when cutting down trees, putting trees upright on the ground, a hard hat is a good idea.

Creating a safe environment.

Before starting cutting, check the environmental safety of certain situations. Especially by logging, looking up, looking down, looking around. Are there escape routes for you to take when the tree falls? Is there a clear way for the tree to fall? If it runs in an unwanted direction, what are the consequences of disturbing the power line? Are trees weakened by insects or others? Does the wind blow from the direction you want the tree to fall? back. Before you use it, then you have to know how the system works from the saw and how to operate it so you don’t feel nervous when operating it later.