This Is How To Survive For A Beginner Hunter Who Is Lost In The Forest

Not only does it mean stopping, but STOP also stands for stop walking, think, observe, and make a plan. Getting lost in the forest can indeed be very scary, but you must remain calm. Every decision is very crucial. Shouting for help can be useful if you feel you are close to a group of people or forest dwellers, but remember that it is difficult to know where a shout came from while in the forest. Apart from that, if you’re interested in beginner-friendly bows, just visit The Hunting Site.

Find water in the forest

One way you can do this is to collect rainwater. Leaves in the forest are usually wide, so you can use them to collect rainwater. Store in your drink bottle or drink directly, the most important thing is that you have to stay hydrated. If you meet the flow of water, make sure the water flow flows. If not, the potential of the bacteria is quite large and can disturb your health. You can also find water on bamboo stalks.

Follow the animal trail

Look for traces left by animals that live in the forest. Follow the trail if the direction is the same as the direction you are walking. The trail may lead you to a water source or open area that makes you more visible to rescue teams. Bring a stick to encourage forest plants that might disrupt your steps and as help so you don’t get tired quickly and maintain balance.

Find food

Don’t waste energy and time hunting animals. The best possibility you have is to trap animals and find fish. Animal traps that you can try include strangling, destroying, hanging, or trapping wild animals by trapping them into traps or holes. The more traps you make, the more likely you are to get food. The key is to know the point of placing the trap, and in the forest, the place is a trail of animals.