Things You Should Know About A Lamborghini’s Brake Maintenance

Watching a car repair technician replace the car’s brakes is normal. But what if the car that serves the brakes is an Italian supercar, Lamborghini. Certainly extraordinary because the treatment is different and the cost is also much more expensive. Additionally, if you wish to rent a Lamborghini car, you just need to click here.

Lamborghini brake service can spend USD 15 thousand. The process is carried out by experienced technicians using special tools from Lamborghini. The owner of an exotic Lamborghini car rental company in Las Vegas, Houston Crosta realized that servicing a supercar car was indeed very expensive for all maintenance properties. Therefore, he began to share tips on caring for the supercar component for those who want to learn and do it themselves.

He revealed the steps of opening, checking and replacing brake components. Among them are brake pads, carbon-ceramic rotors, to check the brake caliper section.

This time, Houston checked the ceramic rotor whether it was functioning normally or not because the Lamborghini brake rotor OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard was used for a period of 82 thousand Km.

After opening the alloy lock bolt with wind pressure tools, Houston opened the Lamborghini brake caliper and opened the caliper locking bolt attached to the rotor, before breaking the rotor from the wheel after opening the locking bolt.

Then he checks the condition of the rotor and brake linings that are attached to each other so that they affect each other’s wear. For him, a routine inspection of supercar braking is very important because this type of car has a high speed when the gas is pressed, so the condition of the brakes must always be excellent.

For him, it might be difficult to work on a braking system for many people because of the shadow of doubt but if tried many times, they no longer need a mechanic to just check the Lamborghini’s brakes