New Coffee Entrepreneurs Should Try These Manual Coffee Brewing Equipment

To reduce the initial capital, you should use manual equipment only. By adjusting the needs of a coffee shop, you don’t have to have all kinds of coffee tools. You can upgrade the needs of your coffee shop later. Aside from that, if you’re looking for an organization which helps small business to grow, just check on social media sites about Par.

Furthermore, these are the manual coffee brewing equipment that suitable for new coffee business owners:

A Grinder

A grinder is a tool for making coffee manually that is very easy to use. This tool is also often called a hand grinder. The advantage is that it does not need electricity. Coffee can be ground at any time as needed.

A Coffee Dripper

This tool functions as a filter (paper filter buffer) when coffee is collected before brewing with hot water. The coffee dripper is suitable for your coffee shop because it will produce delicious coffee.

The price offered is relatively affordable. If you are limited by capital, this tool can be an option.

A French Press

A French press is a tool that can remove coffee pulp by pressing it through the lid. This coffee tool is classified as an easy and practical way to make coffee. Not only for making coffee, but this tool can also be used to brew tea and make milk foam.

The advantage of this tool is to produce more than four cups of coffee with each use. A French Press is available in various capacities that you can adjust to the needs of your coffee shop.

An Aeropress

This tool is suitable for those who want to open a coffee shop quickly. The process of making coffee with this tool is very short. You only need to install filter paper and do pressing to put pressure in brewing coffee.

A Coffee Syphone

A Coffee Syphone has a unique and futuristic design. This can attract the attention of consumers because it seems interesting. Apart from its appearance, the coffee produced by using this tool has the best coffee flavor.